We choose our partners after having personally tested the raw materials, to be sure of offering you only quality products.
Quality, however, is not the only choice factor. We rely on companies that share with us a common vision of growth and innovation.
What binds us to our partners is not just a simple commercial bond but a real relationship of trust and mutual collaboration.

Italian company among the leaders in the mining and marketing of raw materials with numerous production sites within the country. Minerali Industriali is also very active in the field of mining and geological research and is committed daily to the recovery and recycling of industrial waste. The company in figures: 3.4 million tonnes of raw materials produced every year, 12 production sites in Italy, 4 in Europe, 1 in Asia, 3 in North Africa and 7 in Central and South America.

A major Italian company with mines and production sites in the Biella area, which makes respect for the environment its founding value. Thanks to a cutting-edge technological laboratory and scrupulous quality control, it provides raw material of outstanding quality. In 2010, Sasil received the certificate of excellence from Confindustria for its quality and its commitment to an environmentally sustainable future.

Ashapura is a leading Asian provider of multi-mineral solutions at global level. With a history going back over 60 years, Ashapura has managed to grow by innovating every day, thanks to one of the best geo-mineral research centres in Asia.

A company from the Modena Apennines with over 30 years of experience in the production of inorganic pigments and colours for ceramic decorations. Close focus on research and development phases have enabled Inco to grow continuously and become a landmark in its industry and also expand abroad. Today Inco (in addition to its Italian facility) has offices in India and in Russia and boasts customers in 35 countries around the world.

Azienda italiana che ha sede in provincia di Bergamo, con un’esperienza di oltre 60 anni nel settore. Offre un’ampia gamma di materiali ma è altamente specializzata nella produzione di granulati e ciottoli di marmo, sabbie di quarzo e sabbie colorate. Valli Granulati rientra tra le aziende italiane più green del settore, ha infatti installato un impianto fotovoltaico per generare elettricità e alimentare i propri impianti con energia verde.